HeleJané’s Debut Collection With Mak Nisy is very Chic & Fabulous!

Bodak Lux HeleJané is a luxury fashion brand that has recently re-emerged in Abuja, Nigeria. The beautiful handbags are created specific...

Bodak Lux

HeleJané is a luxury fashion brand that has recently re-emerged in Abuja, Nigeria. The beautiful handbags are created specifically for women of style and exquisite taste.

The brand’s first-handbag collection is a collaboration between HeleJané and Mak Nisy – foremost handcrafted bag designer in Nigeria.

Mak Nisy x HeleJané collaboration leverages on the collective craftsmanship of both brands, led by the creative direction and style of HeleJané to create bold, stylish and unique handbags.

The HeleJané minimalistic but luxurious aesthetic is visible in all six bag styles, which comes in twelve variations. This collection celebrates modern femininity: with the handbags unraveling timeless silhouettes of unique art that bear high-quality details – creating a fascinating, fresh and forward-looking interpretation of luxury.

Dolapo Deji Torey(Creative Director Helejane) and A…EO Mak Nisy)

The brand is recognized by its finest selection of leather, crafted with solid brass and delicately plated with 24-carat fine gold. Our vision as a brand is to reach international markets with Ethnic products from well-qualified producers of excellent handbags. We plan to raise the level of foreign exchange earnings and provide input for manufacturing and processing on a sustainable basis.

HeleJané and other Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are critical to the development of any economy as we possess great potentials for employment generation, improvement of local technology, output diversification, development of indigenous entrepreneurship and forward integration with large-scale industries. We aim to contribute to economic growth and development of the global market.

The official preview of the collection took place in Jake’s Place, Silverbird Center, Abuja on Friday, 29th March 2019  which welcomed a host of celebrities and dignitaries alike like Zara Buhari, Shaffy Bello and, fashion influencers, stockists, representatives from the financial institutions as well as many women from the upper chamber of the Nigerian National Assembly.

The Mak Nisy x HeleJané collaboration consists of 6 styles and 12 variations namely – Spice, Boujie, Bossi, Bodak, Luggage & Diva.

Each piece has its unique features and character designed to fit into the everyday lifestyle of the working, well round woman.

The guests had an opportunity to interact with the women behind the brands – Dolapo Deji-Torey (nee Adeyemi) & Amaka Nwosisi. Manifest your singularity. Steal the spotlights, let the world contemplate you with our unique, timeless astonishing and original leather handbags.




Luggage mini






Chief Doyin Eshanomi, Senator Grace Bent, Sen…Adeyemi

Amaka Nwosisi and Senator Grace Bent

Dr Alvan Ikoku ( retired Director, CBN), Ikoko and Deji Torey

Dolapo Deji-Torey (nee Adeyemi)

Dolapo Deji-Torey (nee Adeyemi), Zahra Buhari Indimi and Aide

Deji Torey, Debola Albert, Yomi Torey

Chioma Okpalugo

Halima Yunusa, Rekiyah Okoro, Ogwa Iweze

Lureino Bent.

Omage (WIMBIZ)


Ogwa Iweze, Shaffy Bello, Halima Yunusa

Ogwa Iweze, Halima Yunusa, Rukaiyah Suleiman

Spice Lux

Shaffy Bello


Zahra Buhari Indimi

Rukaiyah Suleiman (CEO Reedas)

Senator Grace Bent

Shaffy Bello, Deji Torey, Emeka Nwosisi.jpg

Shaffy Bello, Emeka Nwosisi

Toyosi Oladipo and Amaka Nwosisi

Veronica Odeka

Zahra Buhari Indimi, Amina Alhassan, Jack Chaguory…o Deji-Torey

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