Sharmaine Aderemi Is The Talent Manager On Speed Dial For Your Favourite Models & International Talent

BNS: What advice would you give a young designer starting out today? Do not be afraid to think outside of the box. Do not question your ide...

BNS: What advice would you give a young designer starting out today?

Do not be afraid to think outside of the box. Do not question your ideas of creativity if it does not fit within the current trends. I know someone who designed their entire range in neutral colours and their styles were basic. They took their designs to the retailer they were working with at the time and they showed the buyer their basic range of t-shirts, cycling shorts, leggings, sweat pants etc. Only to be told their designs were too basic and their grey and beige colour pallet was too dull. Then three years down the line Kanye West launched his collection and what did it consist of……beige, grey & cream tonal colours, t-shirts and cycling shorts. The exact colour pallet and designs shown to the retailers three years before hand and they turned the collection down because they thought it wouldn’t work. Imagine how well that range would have done if that buyer/retailer gave the brands owners ideas a chance!

BNS: What talent or passion have you been able to use in your career in an unexpected or unorthodox way?

My sense of humour and speaking my mind…. my friends, colleagues and family know me very well for speaking my mind, sometimes my delivery is wrong I will admit (my father tells me this all the time) but now that I’m older I’ve realised people, especially talent and brands appreciate my outspoken side, because it makes life easier for us both and also I have builtreally good working relationships based on the way I communicate. My sense of humour again can be a bit tongue in cheek! Ha! But it’s what keeps me sane through bad times, when projects go wrong and most importantly when I’m in meetings with CEOs, international brands, onset with well-known photographers, casting directors, my sense of humour helps me break the ice and has also been my secret weapon for signing some of my biggest deals.

Speed Round

What makes you happy? – My family and food.

Favourite African designer? – I love , , and especially his female two-piece suits!

Favourite workwear brand? – I like to wear a mix of high-end brands with high street brands to work, and other stories do great pieces for work mixed with some pieces from Kooples, YSL & Gucci. A designer bag and pair of shoes can spice up any outfit!

Weekday Uniform – Everything and anything, one day I could wear a pair of jeans, with a t-shirt and blazer another day I could wear and skirt, hoodie and heels. In the industry I work in I am lucky that every item of clothing and every type of outfit is appreciated, apart from ballet pumps and wedges! Those are a fashion No Nos for me!

Weekend Uniform – No different from my weekday uniform unless I’m running errands, then it’s a comfy pair of William sharp cashmere trousers with trainers or sliders. I live in t-shirts, come rain, snow or sunshine a t-shirts goes with all types of clothing.

Guilty pleasure –  Kettle Crisps ….I also LOVE canapés (Naija small chops) I just can’t resist!

Favourite curse word? – Jesus is Lord! (Which on a good day is a replacement for  “fu*k sake”) LOL!

Happy place – Home – with my family and church, I always feel like I can conquer the world after a good Sunday church service.

Heels or flats? – Heels, I hate flats because I’m short, I need the extra inches! Haha!

The one thing you can’t leave home without? – Lipstick and a small comb for my fringe

Afro beats or 90’s R&B – Depends on my mood, Afro beats all day every day, 90’s R&B when I need to chill out

Prized possession? – My jewellery & shoe collection

First thing you do when you wake up?

Thank God for waking me up to see another day as no day is promised. I try not to go on my phone until I leave the house but it’s hard not to check my emails and the news headlines before I get out of bed, bad habit I guess & something I’m trying to do less this year.

Last thing you do before going to bed? – I’m a very very neat & tidy person so I tidy my house before I go to bed every night, Then I thank God for the day I just had and pray for God to take control of the day ahead.

Source: BellaNaija