The Curvy Girls Guide to Arise Fashion Week 2019, Courtesy of Eki Ogunbor

It’s the end of yet another fashion week and guess who’s back? Yes, it’s your homegirl, your favourite curvy girl… ME! 😉 Feels like it’s ...

It’s the end of yet another fashion week and guess who’s back? Yes, it’s your homegirl, your favourite curvy girl… ME! 😉

Feels like it’s been ages since I wrote here, so let’s catch up a little shall we? OK great!

Blend blend blend blend till you can blend no more!

After my to Lagos Fashion Week last year, I decided I was going to take my DIY makeup project more seriously. I mean I knew the basics, foundation here, highlighter there but what makes a great face beat isn’t just the products, it’s also the technique. So I watched more videos, disturbed a few times, sent random DMs as well… I even had lengthy conversations with and (in my head) and now, I’m convinced that I’m almost there.

I’ve gone from a so-so 30% to a hard 75% if I do say so myself! No, seriously! I went for the garden party last month and both and (awesome makeup artists by the way) asked how I achieved my favourite eyeliner look (that is after convincing them I actually did it myself). Even was super impressed by my skin work, she taught me well! Blend blend blend blend till you can blend no more!

For my hair, I used the Coconut Oil Daily Hydration Leave-In Treatment to refresh my scalp and edges (with a brush as well). Plus it helps my hair smell super delicious even though I’ve had my braids in for almost a month!

Now, what to wear?

So I saved a little money on getting my face beat by a professional 3 days in a row, next up, the outfits. Big shoutout to our able and honourable Editor at Large, ! I was literally giving up on fashion week because stress – with so many things going on for me right now, but she gingered me and helped out with picking my looks and I was powered to go. I decided to work with Ego Maduekwe of and her eponymous luxe line, . We worked together earlier for my trip to Dubai (expect a travel style post soon) so it only felt natural to continue the working relationship, plus I absolutely love the brand’s aesthetic so it was a perfect match.

Fittings, Face Beat, Action!

…But where’s my ticket though?

There was a snafu with my pass for the first day so I missed the shows but I kept up to date via the Instagram page. Our coverage was fire as usual. Day 2 and 3, I was ready. Check out my looks below!


Unconsciously inspired by my earrings, my makeup for day 2 focused more on the eyes with a natural, bronzed out base. I’m wearing a blue and white Ego Maduekwe dress with black sandals from Zara and my classic black . Why haven’t you yet?

I’d really love to re-rock this dress with a brighter shoe. Perhaps pink, orange or yellow?


Makeup for day three was a classic cat eye, neutral brown smokey eyes and red lips to go perfectly with my red hot dress from Ego Maduekwe. For accessories, silver sandals and clutch from Asos and Jimmy Choo.

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Feeling myself with last night’s look for #AriseFashionWeek2019. There’s just something about pairing red lips with a red dress that I absolutely love, something powerful ❤️💄 In other news, I’m going to miss this hair when she’s gone 😩 … Dress @egomaduekwe Lips @zaroncosmetics CHILI liquid lipstick #AriseFashionWeek #AriseFashionWeek2019 #BNSAFW19

My Curvy Girl Picks from Arise Fashion Week

I will always be obsessed with the perfect marriage of a crop top and high waisted skirt. Add a side of fringe & colour and I’m SOLD!

Even though we saw some of these dresses at LFW, I still love ’em this year.

My picks were based solely on my personal style and what I’d like to wear right off the runway (smh… despite sizing issues) as a pear-shaped girl.

Thank you to for helping me look my best while watching the shows.

Hope you enjoyed my pear-shaped edit for BN Style’s ARISE Fashion Week round-up.

Till next time, live in the moment and stop living life through your phone! Xx

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