Your Fashion Style & the New Camon 12 Air is All You Need to make the Perfect Statement

Style and functionality all rolled up in one can only be the best description for the new TECNO Camon 12 Air . The Camon series has always c...

Style and functionality all rolled up in one can only be the best description for the new TECNO Camon 12 Air. The Camon series has always come in as very functional while being super-stylish at the same time.

Some would say a phone can’t make a fashion statement, but the Camon 12 Air makes a bold fashion statement.

Years ago, you could tell a person’s socio-economic standing by their clothes. A person can walk into a restaurant and by their clothes, shoes, and bags, you can immediately perceive their style and then peg them on the social class you think they belong to. I tell you!

Today, things are much more complicated. The hustle has gone way deeper than it used to be. The odds have been stacked much higher. While the scrutiny would have stopped on just the clothes before, now, we wait to see what phone that person uses.

The moment that the phone comes out of the bag, it is either we leave the person on the high social ladder we had assigned them, or totally drag them off the ladder and walk over them on our way back to minding our business.

Harsh right? But you know it is the truth. The sleeker a person looks, the sleeker we all just expect their phones to be. Going by this simple truth, the Camon 12 Air despite coming at a sweet price point, does not come off as cheap at all. In fact, its sleekness will make do for you on days when you aren’t up for being all ‘kacked-up’.

Just so we are on the same page, we all know that humans like to stand out amongst the crowd and make a statement, right? As a businessperson, you want to attend your first meeting with that client looking as well put together as you can. You know the satisfaction and joy you feel when you slip that high-end phone on the table and the client’s eyes wander over to it. The thing is, you didn’t just put your phone on the table, what you did was make a statement: “I am not cheap, I am not hungry“.

The Camon 12 Air says that and more, especially with the Dot-In-Display screen and breath-taking wallpapers that make a perfect blend with the dot-in-display. These will simply lend even more credence to whatever statement you want to be said.

The same thing goes for a lady on a first date. No lady with a nice phone ever goes on a date and leaves her phone in her bag all through the date no matter how intriguing her date is. If a lady does, then her phone is most likely going to tone down the image she is trying to present, so yes, in the bag the phone stays.

However, with the Camon 12 Air, you can as well hang it around your neck for a pendant. Yeah!

Bottom line is, I am just super excited and honored to be the one to tell you that Camon 12 Air by TECNO allows you to make that exact statement you wish to make.


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Source: BellaNaija