BN Style: Fashion Girls Are SO Obsessed With This Trend, We Think It’ll Still Be A Big Deal in 2020

In our series our Editor At Large  test drives trends, spotlights designers on her radar —and shows us how she’s wearing them right now . D...

In our series our Editor At Large test drives trends, spotlights designers on her radar—and shows us how she’s wearing them right now. Discover emerging and established African fashion brands, find out what brands are new, now and next and what she’s wearing RN!

I don’t know about you guys but I’ve been unreasonably excited about the return of leopard print trend. I’ve been an animal print girl for as long as can remember and I don’t miss an opportunity to wear it – honestly if I could wear it everyday I probably would. There’s just something classic and timeless about it with just a teensy bit of bad taste to make it exciting lol. It reminds me of 1950’s Hollywood and Italian bombshells – who’d pass up the perfect opportunity to bring ‘la dolce vita’ to life?  (albeit in a more casual way) Not me!

So anyway, I found the perfect leopard print turtle neck top and paired it with my go to jeans of the moment, these mom jeans.

Small, thick gold hoops, tailbone length braids and a cobalt blue puffer complete the look.

I would’ve opted for a chicer pair of boots but Toronto is freezing guys so snow boots from Sorel it is.

Shop similar styles below so you can try it for yourself ASAP. Make sure you check back as I continue to try out easy style equations on my !


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Source: BellaNaija