This Outfit Formula Will Make Your Teddy Coat Look Cool AF 

In our series our Editor At Large  test drives trends, spotlights designers on her radar —and shows us how she’s wearing them right now . D...

In our series our Editor At Large  test drives trends, spotlights designers on her radar—and shows us how she’s wearing them right now. Discover emerging and established African fashion brands, find out what brands are new, now and next and what she’s wearing RN!

I’m definitely not a fan of the colder months, and winter in Canada is no joke, but one thing that is key to weathering it is a great coat. It’s super easy to slide into the comfort of looking like a bag lady most of Winter (guilty!) – but with some planning, you can learn not to sacrifice style for comfort. 

One of my favourite trends in the last couple of years is definitely the teddy coat. (It took everything in me not to buy the same coat in a million colours lol). Cozy, comfy and super warm, it legit feels like wearing a cloud. I can even get away with wearing it in the truly freezing temperatures in mid-January and February – I just know to layer with my trusty Uniqlo Heattech cami underneath everything. 

So  how do I style this cozy coat? In this week’s instalment of I tried out a new look. For the first look, I layered the cozy coat over one of my current faves – a cobalt blue turtleneck and some mom jeans. For a polished but slightly gritty finish, I mixed in my trusty, well beaten-up sneakers. And thanks to the monochromatic palette, it gives an unfussy feel and the boots downplay the sweetness of the palette.

This is one of my trusted style formulas, (because jeans) but if you’re like me and your style is mercurial – on  days you feel more feminine opt for a cute print dress and heeled boots (this works if you’re headed to work or an event) and the former look works for a more low-key vibe and you can swap out the denim for leggings, and my sneakers for combat boots (I’m already planning to take this look for another spin with some black combat boots from ).

Below, check out some of my favourite teddy coat outfits available now and shop to re-create this look on your own. Remember to check back for more outfit formulas in my

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Source: BellaNaija