EXCLUSIVE: Zina Anumudu Dishes On Her Newly Launched E-Commerce Venture 

Most people know for her accessible style and  stints as a costume designer, fashion writer and her work consulting for notable fashion bran...

Most people know for her accessible style and  stints as a costume designer, fashion writer and her work consulting for notable fashion brands like and . Though she wears many hats, Anumudu has garnered a staunch and sizable fan base mainly for one reason- her personal style. Zina’s sartorial seal of approval has been known to change the fortunes of an emerging fashion brand. So when she initially launched her blog with a shopping component, we weren’t surprised. 

Following a successful initial run, the Ozinna.Com site is back with an even clearer editorial direction – including an option to shop the, as well as a . So we had a quick chat with the style star and brand consultant on what the bigger and better Ozinna.com, what makes her different and what’s next.

So what can readers look forward to on the new Ozinna.com? 

A more curated selection of Nigerian pieces.

People enjoy the way you dress–will your outfits still be posted on the Ozinna 2.0? 

Periodically they will be, but with Ozinna 2.0 the focus shifts a bit away from me with a heavier focus on the brands being retailed.

E-commerce has changed so much in the last decade. Can you talk us through the rationale re: relaunching with a stronger e-commerce focus ?

E-commerce is the way to go. Covid-19’s biggest lesson for me is the new digital era we must all now embrace. Re-launching with a stronger e-commerce focus felt like the natural next step, as I knew the goal has always been to make Nigerian brands more accessible, worldwide.

Do you have plans to design a collection any time soon?

No I don’t, I have always respected the process of putting together collections. I’ve seen designers spend so much time on this, don’t think this is something I can ever really do!

Do you feel like living in Lagos has influenced your style/point of view in any way? Are there any other influences?

The biggest city influence I ever had was whilst I lived in Paris. Lagos if anything has made me more confident about my style and has given me an opportunity to discover amazing Nigerian brands.

How did you decide on the final designers to work with?

Not Completely, our mantra on the website is to “Inspire. Discover. Shop” – I never want to stop discovering new Nigerian designers and intend to even discover more all around Africa

In terms of international consumers, what do you think people need to learn about Nigerian style? 

Nigerian style meets the international standards they know and love! Nigerian brands are doing their thing and should be sought after.

Okay, so now onto your personal style – what is your ultimate go-to piece?

A white shirt! I love a classic white shirt, it’s the beginning of a classic/timeless look

Who is your ultimate fashion icon?

My mother. Her style is  bold, confident, colourful, timeless and unapologetically hers – she is my forever fashionista

Which brand are you most excited about for and what pieces are you most sure will be best sellers? 

I can’t put a finger on a single brand, but I am positive the best-sellers will be the easy pieces because of the current living situations around Covid – and fashion being very comfort oriented these days.

Which designer do you currently always have on rotation?

Funke Adepoju – her brand makes me feel very feminine, and that’s the current mood

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