Yes! Mayowa Nicholas Stars in Brandon Maxwell’s Latest Lookbook

Nigerian model continues to dominate the international scene and we couldn’t be prouder. The alum stars in this stunning Pre Spring 2021 co...

Nigerian model continues to dominate the international scene and we couldn’t be prouder. The alum stars in this stunning Pre Spring 2021 collection by Lady Gaga‘s ex-stylist and go to designer Brandon Maxwell.

On her Instagram page she shared:

Introducing the new Brandon Maxwell Pre spring collection photographed by 
Everything about this collection embodies everything you are Brandon, your talent, energy, compassion and beautiful heart. Proud of you always
Love You🤍

On his Instagram the designer shared:

Tomorrow we are releasing our Pre-Spring Collection. Over the last five months, as the fast-paced world of fashion has slowed down, we have as well. With more time on my hands and the approach of our brand’s 5th year anniversary, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and reminiscing about our beginning stages. In those early collections, before I was fully immersed in the fashion calendar, I had something very rare: time, and no expectations. I had time to collect my thoughts and fully realize my ideas to convey how I was truly feeling and the expectation to do nothing more.

Over the past few months, for the first time in a long time, I have found myself waking up in the same place for more than three days straight without pending deadlines. I have felt a strange sense of safety and security that I didn’t expect to experience. So, when everyone kept asking me, “What’s the deal with Pre-Collection? Is it happening?” my answer was repeatedly, “I think it will when I feel ready.”

One day, after three straight months inside my house, I woke up, walked to the park, sat on a blanket with a bag of fabrics and my headphones, and chose colors, textures, and combinations that made me happy. I didn’t push myself to make more than I felt like I could in the moment, and when I finished the last look I said to everyone “I think that’s it, let’s stop there.” And that felt really great.

I wanted to create something that felt colorful, joyous, and optimistic because I believe, and know, that the sun will shine again. I don’t look at what we’re presenting to you as Pre-Spring in the traditional sense. I look at it as a reflection of a particular moment in time – a time when I could stop and feel my emotions, a time when I was creating a collection for the sheer joy of doing so. This experience is something I will carry with me going forward.

I hope you enjoy. Sending a special thanks to my team for always approaching every moment with love, patience, understanding, and our collaborators for bringing joy to it all.

Sending each of you love ❤️

Check out more looks from the stunning collection below:




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Source: BellaNaija