Chef Imoteda’s New Venture Is An Internet Favourite For Several Reasons

BNS: Would you ever do a cookbook? I would absolutely love to do a cookbook of Nigerian fusion recipes and some of my favourite quick meals...

BNS: Would you ever do a cookbook?

I would absolutely love to do a cookbook of Nigerian fusion recipes and some of my favourite quick meals.

BNS: Do you think being a great chef is a natural talent, or is it something anyone can learn?

I think anyone can learn to cook but cooking definitely comes a lot more naturally to certain people. To be a great chef you need to have a combination of creativity, skill and an amazing palette. I think your palette is what determines whether or not you will be a great cook. Not everyone has an amazing palette.

BNS: Was there anything that you thought you wanted to do before you started cooking?

I used to be a make up artist and I absolutely loved it. I did both beauty and special effects makeup for movies. I thought I would go on to set up a school in Nigeria… clearly that didn’t happen.

BNS: How challenging was it starting this new restaurant, especially in a pandemic?

Super super challenging!!! Creating a new menu that you hope will be able to satisfy a wide range of tastes and dietary needs while serving amazing food at a high standard is insane! Then doing it in a pandemic where you have to create space for social distancing and worry about even getting customers in the door cause everyone is afraid to go out. Man my grey hairs have been tripled. I AM STRESSED. But it is a great challenge so I’m happy I got the chance.

BNS: What do you hope people will love the most/connect with at the new Imoteda restaurant?

The space is really pretty and comfortable and has a lot of sunlight. I was very, very intentional about creating a beautiful space that one could come in and feel welcomed and warm and feel comfortable. But the real winner is the food! The menu genuinely brings me joy! It’s a mostly Nigerian fusion menu plus additional items that are my favourite things to eat. The best thing on the menu for me is the Imoteda’s Hangover Bowl which is my play on indomie and suya. It is so amazing and comforting! Everyone should definitely try it.

BNS: What kinds of Nigerian food do you think are underrated right now?

Man I think we haven’t explored Northern food as much as we need to. There are insane dishes that can be found and I was hoping to do a trip to the North this year but.. Ms. Rona came through. I think anyone that hasn’t had Miyan Tuashe is missing out in life.

BNS: If you could have anyone visit the new place, who would it be?

ALL OF LAGOS! All of you should come. But I would love to have all the ladies come through cause I admire what they’re doing so much! Also lol. Internationally I would love for Chef Massimo Bottura to come through ’cause he’s one of the chefs that inspires me daily.

BNS: What is your idea of happiness?

Being surrounded by my family and friends with good food and drinks. I am at my happiest when I am in a comfortable space with my people cooking and sharing food and stories with them.

Source: BellaNaija