Here Are 7 Vibrant Looks To Copy From Mamissa Mboob-Hunger

They say “Style” is one way to say who you are without using words, and  #BellaStylista  Mamissa Mboob-Hunger  is one fashionista that stand...

They say “Style” is one way to say who you are without using words, and #BellaStylista Mamissa Mboob-Hunger is one fashionista that stands and commands attention with her remarkable fashion choices.

If you’re one of Mamissa Mboob-Hunger, a.k.a The Colour Memam‘s 99,000 plus followers on Instagram, you are no stranger to her bold colour choices.

The Queen of Colour, as she describes herself, is an adventurous dresser who doesn’t particularly follow “Fashion” rules, instead creates one for herself. One thing is sure, Mamissa isn’t afraid to mix the boldest of colours, and we most definitely can’t fault her fashion decisions, in fact, we are here for it!

From vibrant prints to her unique layering style, keep scrolling to check out Mamissa’s exceptional looks —and we’re sure you’ll learn some great tips and tricks for the week.


Start the week with a stylish patterned suit and a vibrant top.



Switch things up with a blazer and pair with a patterned asymmetric skirt.



On Wednesdays, #BellaStylistas wear pink. Period!



An orange bandage dress is a perfect fit for Thursday happy hour cocktails.



It’s the end of the week, step out in a stylish colour combo fit.



It’s Saturday! Rock a stylish denim fit.



Any Sunday activity calls for high fashion.


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Source: BellaNaija