ICYMI: Sam Adegoke features in GQ South Africa Magazine’s Latest Issue

Nigerian-American actor  Sam Adegoke  recently got featured in  GQ South Africa’s Magazine ,  and we are obsessed with the star’s amazing st...

Nigerian-American actor Sam Adegoke recently got featured in GQ South Africa’s Magazineand we are obsessed with the star’s amazing style all through the spread. Photographed by Dalvin Adams and styled by Sarah Diouf. Sam talks to the publication about culture, representation on screen and being on the Netflix series Dynasty.

For the first look in the series, Sam stuns in Rich Minsi’s printed silk shirt and matching bucket hat, finishing off the look in white pants.

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On shedding light on a lot of African designers:

 I love my country, I love our continent. I just wanted to see more of us on major screens in the western world because we influence so much of global culture, from food to fashion, to music, and dance.

Next, the star looks mightily dapper wearing a custom Tongoro suit and Gucci shoes.

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On his thought on the underrepresentation of culture on tv/movies.

It really depends on which lens or perspective we’re looking at; for me, here in Hollywood, there is massive under-representation of something I am passionate about which is African stories. I think we’re seeing a beautiful renaissance in Black storytelling right now, but the reason I pitched my character Jeff to be Nigerian, is because I thought it was an opportunity to build on that renaissance we’re seeing of black stories and infuse an African one as well.

For the final look, Sam rocks a stunning blue set by Ivorian menswear brand OLOOH, pairing the look with white Veja sneakers.

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On how his family reacted when he told them he wanted to go into acting:

I was almost crucified. I was actually enrolled in an arts program my freshman year in college. I am the youngest of seven, we have 3 doctors in the family, an engineer…you know the story.

I was like « this is what I want to do » and my brothers were like « no, no, no, no, no ». There was no room for that in our family. You didn’t come to the States for that. You can enjoy your art but you’re not going to desecrate the Adegoke name (laughs). And I know so many Africans in America have a similar story, so that’s not unique to me but back then I really looked up to my brothers, so I actually changed my major to Business Marketing and a minor in Finances and went to the corporate route, and by some life-shaking circumstances got back on track to what it should be.

Click here for the full interview with GQ.

Styling: @dioufsarah
Photography: @mr_dadams 
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