A Spotlight on Wax Fabric Brand – Hollantex

For many African customers from Nigeria, Benin, Congo, Burkina Faso and Togo where Hollantex fabrics are developed, there is only one clear...

For many African customers from Nigeria, Benin, Congo, Burkina Faso and Togo where Hollantex fabrics are developed, there is only one clear winner when choosing a fashionable wax fabric brand that not only showcases the best of global fashion but also reflects the true personality and pride of a continent.

Today we take a look at one of Africa’s most popular and fashionable wax fabric brands. One which has conquered the African market by infusing traditional African culture with western fashion design elements.

Hollantex: A rich history of wonder and spectacle
When Thomas Fournier, a brilliant Parisian designer visited Africa for the first time, he was mesmerized by the variety of local wax fabric costumes- seduced by the bright and vivid colors and floral patterns as he drank in the intoxicating stories behind each creation.

Bedazzled by the history and spectacle of myriad intricate patterns, Thomas returned to Paris with one clear idea in mind: to create a wax fabric brand that married superior quality textiles with colorful and exceptional African patterns, infusing a tinge of European cultural influence and a determination to make this accessible to everyone.
And thus Hollantex was born. And since 2003, Hollantex has pursued one simple goal: to integrate traditional African culture into the heart of global fashion- passionately driving this objective through innovative and high quality wax fabrics created at competitive prices.

Every pattern a message: A story of hope and a united Africa
Hollantex has succeeded in bringing together Africans, young and old, around its creations. Fournier believes the products convey values capable of making this world a better place. And it remains a steadfast mission to make quality products available at the best prices in order to preserve the wonder, vitality and enthusiasm of African culture and ensure that it never flames out.

The African Wax in itself is a committed fabric that always carries a message. Hollantex showcases the social history of Africa through its more than appealing designs, allowing customers to experience the zenith of a flourishing period rendered in a unique style.

Behind these exceptional patterns, the Hollantex brand hopes to convey the expression of strong, innovative development, giving a fresh perspective to what may have seemed to be usual and familiar.

For Hollantex, the world is a muse. Designs are not only inspired by African culture but also other popular trends in the global fashion industry- neatly tying together the past, present and future. In fact, some designs are inspired by nature itself, in all its majesty and glory and other patterns evoke the power of femininity. However, all designs are created to convey the values of a brand committed to driving the African continent forward.

The hallmarks of a true fashion powerhouse
Colorful patterns that reflect true African passion, gently but sufficiently imprinted onto fabrics that do not itch nor fade under Africa’s intense sunlight are just two hallmarks of the Hollantex brand.

Its ability to retain its prestige and elegance for everyday use and special occasions even after multiple washes, and retailing at a price available to all make the Hollantex fabric a clear favorite among many African countries and many African customers.

Comfort. Design. Elegance. Durability and Price mark the key signatures of the Hollantex brand, with quality at the heart of the entire creative process.

The race to undisputed market leadership
Hollantex continues to provide the most preferred combinations of colors in Africa. Its mantra to prioritize quality and affordability has seen the brand quickly rise to become the number one favorite among many African shoppers. And it’s not hard to see why: a brand whose lively and energetic personality is just as easily reflected off its customers as it is its intense and vivid colors of beautiful intricate patterns, tells a story of an Africa finally ready to fulfill its potential. In style.

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Source: BellaNaija