Moet Abebe is Serving Major Looks on Taylor Live Magazine’s Latest Cover

On-air personality and public figure Moet Abebe , also known as the ‘Sexy Radio Goddess’ covers the latest issue of Taylor Live Magazine as...

On-air personality and public figure Moet Abebe, also known as the ‘Sexy Radio Goddess’ covers the latest issue of Taylor Live Magazine as she talks a bit more about her life as one of the biggest AOP’s out of Africa, who she thinks will be the biggest artist out of Nigeria at the end of 2021, her biggest turn-off, her view on implants and more.

Talking a bit about herself:

Well apart from the obvious, I’m an extremely driven person and in every sense of the word a go-getter. I’m a woman who aims at telling my own story and others’ stories with my craft. I try every day to discover new sides of myself and I live my life as much as possible as honest and as grounded as I can be.

About the challenges, she faces as a public figure/OAP?

I believe being a public figure will always leave you exposed to public scrutiny. Trolling and the negative comments at times can be a major challenge. Sometimes it makes you feel like you are doing everything wrong. But what I’ve begun to do and I’m still learning to do is to channel that negativity into positivity. Letting it become the fuel needed to propel me to the next level.

As an OAP which music artist do you think will not be able to make his mark in 2021 and he/she did in 2020?

I honestly can’t answer this question as I’m not God and can’t predict these things. Music is very spiritual and I feel having that musical talent is a gift from a Superbeing. So who am I to question who God blesses with that gift

About her brand:

My brand “Moet Abebe”, I believe revolves around media, lifestyle, content creation and entertainment. My brand is very female-empowering And confident. My brand I believe represents the driven young woman who gets up every day ready to work and earns herself a legit living doing what she loves and not held back by society’s constraints.

About her take on girls that work on their body “ASS, BOOBS etc”:

It’s their bodies and it’s their happiness. If that’s what they want to do let them do that. So long as they do enough research and consult with board certified doctors. Also the most important thing is the reason as to why they are getting their bodies done. So long as the reason is for them personally and their own happiness; not for someone else’s then I wish them the best.

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Source: BellaNaija